Here at Etang de la Vilotte we would like to welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay with us.

Please find below the fishing rules we have here. The rules are mainly all common sense and are in place for yours and the fish’s safety. If you are unsure of any of the below, please ask Paul or Nicki.

  1. All fish must be returned alive, with minimum time out of the water. You are provided with a safety weigh sling to use these while you get all things ready ensuring the fish are out of the water for the least amount of time possible. No sacking of fish.
  2. Please only use the landing nets, weigh slings and cradles provided. Anyone caught using any others will be asked to leave. If there is a problem with the ones provided please let us know and a replacement will be provided.
  3. When weighing fish please place the weigh tripod over the top off the cradles provided, please do not carry the fish in the slings to the tripods.
  4. After the fish is caught, carp/fish care kit must be applied. Any serious injuries must be reported to either Paul or Nicki.
  5. Maximum of three rods per angler. No unattended rods.
  6. Stalking is allowed but please make sure that all fish care items are also taken with you when you go.
  7. Banned baits – No nuts of any kind, no artificial baits of any kind. No maize unless purchased on site. You will be asked to leave if found using any of these. All particle to be purchased on site only.
  8. Due to a fish being tethered we now only allow barbless hooks, no lead core but a leader of some kind must be used and it must be a minimum of 18inches. No fixed leads.
  9. If you do become tethered or snagged please do not pull for the break. We will go out in the boat and untether it, unfortunately if this happens at night, the rod will have to be left until morning.
  10. No surface fishing.
  11. All tackle provided will be in full working order, and that’s how we will expect it to be returned. We do appreciate that accidents do happen so if you do break something please let us know. We will arrange a replacement with you whilst on site.
  12. Please use the toilets provided, it is open 24 hours a day for your use. Shower and toilet area to be kept clean.
  13. No climbing trees or damaging any foliage.
  14. No swimming in the lake, it’s for fishing only.
  15. Due to the lake’s location, no fires of any kind are tolerated. We are in the National Park and a fire could damage acres of woodland, this is French Law.
  16. Drug & alcohol abuse will not be tolerated, this will lead to an instant ban and you will be asked to leave with no refund of any monies paid.
  17. Please use the bins provided for all your rubbish and ashtrays can be provided if you smoke. Glass & plastic bottles to be kept separate from rubbish, recycle bins provided by the lodge.
  18. There is a rowing boat on site that can be used at your own risk and only in the hours of daylight and in pairs. We accept no responsibility for your safety whilst in the boat, but we do have buoyancy aids that can be provided if you don’t have any.
  19. Swims can be reserved when booking as anglers arrive at different times due to flights or drive times.
  20. Fishing starts from 1pm on day of arrival, swims to be vacated by 10am on day of departure.

Our priority is the health and safety of our fish. These rules are in place to ensure the well being of our fish and to keep the lake in pristine condition. Anyone found breaking any of these rules above will be asked to leave the venue immediately with no refund of any money paid.