Catch Reports

We bought the lake in January 2022. The lake has around 150 carp to over 50lb along with roach, rudd, perch, zander and the elusive catfish. We fished the lake ourselves before opening along with friends to see for ourselves what was in our lake. Testing resulted in over 20 carp bigger than 20lbs, 15 carp over 30lbs, 12 over 40lbs with half of these being high 40s and 2 over 50lbs with the largest just under 53lbs (pictures are in the gallery). We opened the lake in September 2022 (please see catch reports below). We also aim to net the lake in late 2023 to remove any carp under 18lb along with silver fish and add stock if required, check in for updates on our social media!

4th September 2022

A great week for Ian with a total of 62 carp! This included 5x 40’s, 6 x 30’s, 17 x 20’s & 34 doubles, he definitely put the work in, great angling!

15th September 2022

A fantastic week for Dave on his 1st fishing trip to France! 12 x doubles, 13 x 20’s, 4 x 30’s & 6 x 40’s with a PB of 47.14lb

1st April 2023

Despite tough conditions for the guys this week with minus temperatures at night, Matt & Jake managed a good few carp between them 12 x 20’s, 2 x 30’s & 1 x 40.

14th April 2023

Another tough week for the guys with freezing temperatures although Dan broke his PB with a 48.1 mirror, Brad with a 33.9lb & Dave 40.6. All in they had 7 x doubles, 1 x 30 and 2 x 40’s. Great angling lads!

25th April 2023

A mix of sun and cold spells for Neil but he managed 2 x 20’s & 35.1 this week.

12th May 2023

Sam smashed his French PB with a 42 mirror followed by 2 x 30’s 2 x 20’s & 4 mid doubles.

20th May 2023

Another PB broken for Kris on his return trip with a 47.7lb mirror! In total he had 6 upper doubles, 4 x 20’s 3 x 30’s 1 x 40. Great angling!

17th June 2023

A mix of hot sun & thunderstorms this week for Geoff. 3 x 20’s 1 x mid double, 1 x 30, unfortunately 7 lost but then the elusive and only catfish woke him at 3am coming in at 90lb (Paul holding the catfish)

24th June 2023

A fantastic week for Damien fishing the pads and the monk with double runs on more than one occasion, resulting in 13 doubles, 9 x 20’s, 3 x 30’s and 3 x 40’s smashing his PB with a 47lb mirror! A total of 645lb for the week! great angling paid off with the effort which was put in.

3rd July 2023

It was lovely to see Dan back at the lake 😊 During his week he had a total of 16 carp, 7 high doubles, 5 x 20’s & 3 x 30’s with 1 that got away! Most of his catches came late evening or early morning this time around fishing the pads and the monk 🎣

8th July 2023

1st ever French trip for Steve arriving last Saturday for the week. He had an amazing week fishing around the monk and although he lost 4 he managed 5 x doubles, 6 x high 20’s, 2 x high 30’s and a 43lb mirror 🎣

27th July 2023

Whilst travelling France the lads stopped off with us for a few days & Aaron was graced with a 43 mirror off the monk 🎣😊 Well done 👍

7th August 2023

A great week for Sam on his first French trip, fishing mainly behind the pads at night and then moving over to the monk during the day. He done very well landing 26 carp in total, a good mix with doubles, 20’s a 30lb and two 40’s with his PB at 44lb. Well done Sam!

25th August 2023

What a great week for Paul landing 18 carp in his week with us. These were 8 doubles, 2 x 20’s, 3 x 30’s and 5 x 40’s Moving around the lake catching from the pads, monk and the far side.

9th September 2023

Well what a great week! From John landing his French PB at 44lb well done! to James catching the lake record for the biggest common we’ve seen out at 31.12lb. The four guys have been awesome landing a total of 45 fish between them including 21 doubles, 10 x 20’s, 7 x 30’s & 2 x 40’s

Smallest carp went to Jim with a 4lb mirror 💪😂

Well done lads, it was an absolute pleasure having you here 😊🎣

23rd September 2023

Well what a week for Shaun! His 1st French trip and he was on fire 🎣 landing 15 fish in total including 3x 20’s 4×30’s 1×40 & 2×50’s. Awesome angling and his PB just kept getting bigger with the largest in at 52lb! It was a pleasure having you & Harvey here for the week.

11th October 2023

A great week with Simon & Stuart last week. They had a lot of mixed weather resulting in doubles, 20’s & a 35lb each, a mirror for Stuart and Simon breaking the lake common record at 35lb. Below are some of their pictures. Great angling guys, look forward to seeing you again in the spring 😊🎣

20th October 2023

We had Lauren & Luke visit for a few days. Both caught a 30, biggest at 32.12 was lovely to see them here, great company & we are looking forward to seeing them back in November 🎣
We also had Dave here for a week, first time here with us and the weather was all over the place! He was on swim 3 fishing around the monk, waterfall area and managed to land an 18 common, 32 mirror, 41 mirror & a 51 mirror. Some of the pictures below 👇

24th April 2024

It was lovely to see Dave back again to start the season off. He chose post 3 fishing between the monk and waterfall. In total he landed 12 fish 🎣 5x 30’s 5x high 20’s an 18 & 49. He had mixed weather all week along with a storm which seemed to switch them off for a few days but it soon took off again! Looking forward to seeing you back out in June Dave, great company 😊

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